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Rebalancing Serum

Our highly concentrated Rebalancing Serum is formulated with Centella Asiatica extract and hyaluronic acid and crafted with rosacea prone and sensitive skin in mind.  The serum is deeply moisturizing, working to plump and firm the skin, rich in the anti-inflammatory essential green mandarin oil, which aims to improve broken capillaries, unclog pores and reduce redness. in rosacea prone skin. The Centella asiatica extract works to restore elasticity and vein walls in the skin without causing irritation and redness. The serum is anti-bacterial and promotes wound healing and stimulates collagen production.

Application – Apply 2 drops for acne skin morning and night. Apply 5 drops for scarring, rosacea skins morning and night.

Rebalancing Serum quantity

Rebalancing Serum


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