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Gently eliminating impurities, our deep cleansing kit will refine, unclog, clear and smooth your complexion. Increasing oxygen for brightening, stimulating collagen to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles whilst increasing hydration. Clear skin, clean beauty equals flawless skin.



Kit Includes:


  • Face Cleansing Gel Hibiscus (30mL) aids in the deep cleansing process by eliminating surface impurities without compromising the pH balance of the skin. The Gel is a herbal infused water based formulation that calms irritation, reduces facial redness while healing and soothing the skin and assisting cellular renewal.
  • Hungary’s Royal Water Lotion (30mL) contains Magnesium and Sage oils that helps purify and reduce clogging of the pores, as well as oxygenate, firm, and pump the skin and aid and sooth redness and irritation. The Royal Water also contains Cedar Oi and other Essential Oils, which help treat acne by acting as gentle astringents. The Hungary Royal Water is suitable for all skin types.
  • The powerful properties in the SC Resurfacing Peel rapidly heal and lighten facial scars. The botanical, anti bacterial combination melts away the glue holding onto dead and damaged skin cells, unclogging pores, clearing blackheads, and making way for newer healthier cells to emerge, leaving you with brighter, fresher, smoother looking skin with zero down time.
  • 2 x Hydra-Booster Serum+ (2mL) is made up of ultra concentrated Hyaluronic Acid combining 3 chains of Hyaluronic Acid of different molecular weight to target several layers of the skin. This gel texture Serum is formulated to hydrate, calm, and firm the skin. Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties protect the skin.
  • 2 x Hydra-Plumping Cream+ (2mL) is a light weight cream formulated with a moisturising complex of Duo Hyaluronic Acid chains to intensely moisturise the skin and to restore its ability to retain water. With antioxidant rich ingredients along with powerful oils this cream helps to protect the skin from free radicals, plump and promote cell growth.

Clear skin kit


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