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This highly precious concentrate of several «Anti-Fatigue» ingredients is certainly an essential nectar that your eyes need to fight against everyday tiredness. One drop is enough to nourish your skin and to slow down the appearance of undesired fine lines around the eye contour. Rub the luxurious liquid until completely absorbed.

Use as a continuous treatment for 50 days to transform your skin. Use twice a year.






  • SILOX GT/GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Powerful antioxidant, prevents tissue fatigue.


  • HORSETAIL EXTRACT: Rich in silicic acid, remineralizes and restores suppleness to the skin.




  • VITAMIN E: Anti-free radical. Anti-age.


  • BLACK CURRANT EXTRACT, BORAGE EXTRACT: Rich in linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid. Prevent dehydration, restore suppleness to the skin.


  • CENTELLA ASIATICA: improves microcirculation, oxygenates tissues.

BIOPTIC - Phyto Capsules Anti-Fatigue For Eye Zone - 50ct

SKU: E232

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