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With its creamy texture, this energetic care cream tones instantly, with a slightly tightening effect. The lines become smooth, signs of fatigue blur and skin becomes visibly radiant.


Daily care. Apply morning and/or evening on perfectly cleansed face and neck, after using the serum best adapted to the skin needs.



  • COMBINATION OF VITAMINS E, C, B3, B5, B6: hydrates and smoothens the skin surface, excellent protection against oxidative stress, revitalises the skin tissue by increasing skin tone and elasticity.


  • HTAC BOOSTER: powerful skin cell booster, special energising action by increasing mitochondrial activity, protects skin youthfulness against oxidation and pollution. Excellent anti-wrinkle and anti- fatigue effect. Synthesised by the calcified Jania Rubens seaweed, associated with a carrageenan with moisturising and protective properties.


  • NUTRIPEPTIDES: rich in quickly absorbe rice di and tri peptides, these compensate for nutrient imbalances in the skin, stimulates cell metabolism and strengthens its potential for defence. Restores radiance and vitality. Helps to oxygenate skin.


  • OLIGOCORAIL: Corallina Officinalis extract, rich in magnesium, zinc, manganese and calcium. Compensates for lack of skin vitality due to mineral deficiencies following skin burn out.


  • ALGISIUM: restructures, maintains the skin’s mechanical properties. Moisturising and anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin Energy - Non Stop Tonus - Toning Cream - 50ml

SKU: 1863

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