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Enriched with vitamin B3, this serum helps combat cellular oxidation and revives radiance in the case of dull complexions. It has a detoxifying effect and acts as a genuine anti-pollution shield during the day. For overall and comprehensive action, INTENSIVE COCKTAIL SERUMS offer the synergistic efficacy of a course of 4 well-targeted serums. 


Shake before use.


Precautions for use:

Each serum is very active. If skin is sensitive, it is preferable to apply a thin layer of cream before the serum.



  • HTAC BOOSTER: powerful skin cell booster, special energising action by increasing mitochondrial activity, protects your youthfulness against oxidation and pollution. Excellent anti-wrinkle and anti- fatigue effect. Synthesised by the calcified Jania Rubens seaweed, associated with a carrageenan with moisturising and protective properties.


  • VITAMIN B3: anti-inflammatory, protection against harmful UV rays and the harmful effects of pollution, regenerating, long term moisturising action, reduces age spots, skin regains tone and elasticity.


  • FUCOGEL: immediate and long-term moisturising properties, through a hygroscopic coating-forming effect.

Vitamin Energy - Intensive Serums Cocktail - Energy Booster - 1.5ml x 8 ampules

SKU: E1856
    • PURE DETOX SERUM 1.5 ml ampoule x 2
    • HYDRA JET SERUM 1.5 ml ampoule x 2
    • AGE RESIST SERUM 1.5 ml ampoule x 2
    • CLEAR RADIANCE SERUM 1.5 ml ampoule x 2

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