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As a minute-long or as a long-duration overnight mask, this very dense cream mask revitalises the most tired of skins. Thus deeply regenerated, the skin is left restructured and radiant.



  • HTAC BOOSTER: powerful skin cell booster, special energising action by increasing mitochondrial activity, protects skin youthfulness against oxidation and pollution. Excellent anti-wrinkle and anti- fatigue effect. Synthesised by the calcified Jania Rubens seaweed, associated with a carrageenan with moisturising and protective properties.


  • RADIANCE COMPLEX: COMBINATION OF VITAMIN C AND STABILISED BIOTIN: STABILISED VITAMIN C: water-soluble, bio-transformed into fat-soluble vitamin C through phosphatase action. Powerful antioxidant and anti-free radical agent, stimulates collagen production, reduces melanin synthesis and lightens existing spots. Reduces scars resulting from acne lesions. BIOTINE : vitamin B8 or H is involved in cell mitosis for skin renewal. Plays a very important role in sustaining skinhomeostasis.


  • COMBINATION OF VITAMINS E, C, B3, B5, B6: hydrates and smoothens the skin surface, excellent protection against oxidative stress, revitalises the skin tissue by increasing skin tone and elasticity.


  • SHEA BUTTER: rich in vitamins A, D, E and F with restorative, soothing and moisturising properties.


  • BABASSU OIL: rich in omega 9. Nourishing, soothing, anti- inflammatory, protects against the action of UV rays. Enhances the skin's barrier function, as well as microcirculation, slows skin ageing.

Vitamin Energy - Deep Density - Intense Restructuring Cream Mask - 50ml

SKU: E1866

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