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The Purifying ampoule is an intensive daily moisturising treatment for oily and acne-prone skins. It contains Natural Extracts, Vitamins and Zinc to help rebalance the skin’s lipid layer and prevent imperfections from appearing.

They help to close pores and tone the skin thanks to their astringent effect. Help to maintain a smooth and matte complexion and prevent the appearance of imperfections caused by excess sebum.


Suitable for oily skin with excess sebum, spots and blackheads, acne-prone skin, enlarged pores, inflamed skin.




Regulate and improve sebum quality
Help to restore the hydrolipid mantle
Reduce sensitivity, alleviate irritation and soothe the skin 

Have antioxidant properties
Diminish marks and scars on the skin



Application frequency:

Use 1/2 in the AM and half in the PM 

Can alternate with other ampoules



Warnings and Precautions for Use:

Cosmetic product for topical use

Do not inject

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes while using these products

Avoid direct sunlight

Store within the temperature range described

Do not use if the packaging is damaged




Oil Free


Dermatolgically Tested


Ophthalmologist Tested





  • Encapsulated systems (Liposomes): Liposomes are spherical lipid systems that have a similar composition to cell membranes, which allows them to store active ingredients inside » biomimetic composition » they restore the skin’s protective barrier so that hydration is maintained and they prevent transcutaneous water loss » able to release encapsulated compounds in the skin’s deepest layers » prevent active ingredients from degrading » they increase the effectiveness of the active ingredient since it reaches inside the target layer of the skin.


  • Cleome Gynandra Extract (Rich in rutin and hydroxycinnamic acid): Negularises the production of sebum. Improves the quality of sebum, reducing the quantity of squalene peroxide. Helps to restore the hydrolipid film of the skin.Inhibits the key markers involved in the inflammatory response. Soothing action.


  • Rhodosorus Marinus Extract (Red Algae extract): Reduces the release of inflammatory and neuro- inflammatory mediators. Reduces skin sensitivity.


  • Vitamin B5: Boosts skin keratinisation. Increases the levels of hydration, elasticity and softness. Promotes cell regeneration. Features anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.


  • Vitamin C: It is involved in the collagen forming process, thus improving cutaneous elasticity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. It neutralises free radicals and regenerates vitamin E: both actions that prevent cutaneous ageing and damaging consequences caused by UVB ray exposure. Diminishes the appearance of blemishes caused by melanin. Reduces skin inflammation and irritation. Improves hydration and brightness.


  • Vitamin E: Protects cell lipid membranes from oxidative damage, preventing the ageing of the skin. Reduces free radicals to less active metabolites. Increases the speed of skin regeneration.


  • Zinc PCA: Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Promotes healing. Prevents the growth of microbial infections. Reduces the secretion of sebum.

TOSKANI Purifying Topical Ampoule


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