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The Lipo Proteoglycans ampoule is an intensive daily treatment that acts from the first application: it deeply hydrates and brightens the skin. It contains Proteoglycans of natural origin and active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes that allow them to act on different layers of the skin.

Deeply hydrate, preventing transcutaneous water loss, stimulate the production of collagen, increase skin firmness and prevent the signs of cutaneous ageing. 

Suitable for dry and dehydrated skin, damaged skin (stress, cold, hormonal changes, sun), dull skin.





Short term:

Hydrate skin
Provide a brightening effect
Provide nutrients to the extracellular matrix


Long term:

Provide a restorative effect
Prevent the appearance of wrinkles 

Stimulate collagen synthesis

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines 

Improve the skin’s general appearance



Application frequency:

Once in the morning every day.
For very damaged and/or dry skin, apply as many

times as necessary to soothe the skin.



Warnings and Precautions for Use:

Cosmetic product for topical use

Do not inject

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes while using these products

Avoid direct sunlight

Store within the temperature range described

Do not use if the packaging is damaged




Oil Free


Dermatolgically Tested


Ophthalmologist Tested





  • Encapsulated systems (Liposomes): Liposomes are spherical lipid systems that have a similar composition to cell membranes, which allows them to store active ingredients inside » biomimetic composition » they restore the skin’s protective barrier so that hydration is maintained and they prevent transcutaneous water loss » able to release encapsulated compounds in theskin’s deepest layers » prevent active ingredients from degrading » they increase the effectiveness of the activeingredient since it reachesthe target layer of the skin.


  • Proteoglycans: Protein which is bonded in different places along the glycosaminoglycan protein chain. They can have different biological functions depending on the glycosaminoglycan that it is attached to. It can connect to different extracellular components (growth factors, enzymes, etc.) and play an active role in signal transduction. They play a part in all processes that involvemolecular interactions on the cell surface. Restore the epidermis. Act as a communicator between cells. Recover the skin barrier function. Provide skin flexibility. Deeply hydrate. Bring firmness and softness to the skin. Prevent premature ageing. Smooth and reduce wrinkles.


  • Vitamin A: Eliminates the signs of premature ageing such as expression lines, blemishes and other types of pigmentation. Improves the appearance of deep wrinkles. Stimulates cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. Improves skin tone and texture. Brings brightness and firmness to the skin 


  • Vitamin C: It works in two ways: »  it is involved in the collagen forming process, thus improving cutaneous elasticity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles »  it neutralises free radicals and regenerates vitamin E: both actions that prevent cutaneous ageing and damaging consequences caused by UVB ray exposure. Diminishes the appearance of blemishes caused by melanin. Reduces skin inflammation and irritation. Improves hydration and brightness.


  • Vitamin E: Protects cell lipid membranes from oxidative damage, preventing the ageing of the skin. Reduces free radicals to less active metabolites. Increases the speed of skin regeneration.


  • Vitamin F: Brings hydration to the deepest layers of the skin. Improves skin elasticity. Imparts vitality. Increases the dermis’ resistance to external aggressors and dehydration



TOSKANI Lipo Proteoglycans Topical Ampoule


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