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This fresh-scented, alcohol-free toner revitalises, hydrates and tones as it completes process for a totally clarified, refreshed feeling. It cleanses and thoroughly removes make up to obtain a smooth and hydrated skin extract due to its calming effect.

It contains Aloe Vera extract due to its calming and regenerating properties. This facial toner contains a combination of very concentrated botanical extracts, such as Bamboo, Lemon and Orange, which are a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. A soft peeling effect clears the dead surface cells and boosts cell turnover.


  • Removes rests of impurities and dead cells 
  • Calms skin
  • Provides strong hydration effect
  • Tonifies skin
  • Prepares skin before application of cosmetics




Remove make-up and clean the skin with Energizing Cleanser to remove dirt from the face

Apply by using a light mist of the product on the face, always maintaining a reasonable distance, or by use

of a cotton pad

The skin will end up completely clean, fresher, smoother and ready for subsequent treatments (professional use)

At home, when you have finished applying the Bamboo Hydratonic, apply a mesoserum and cream that are suitable to your skin type



Ophthalmologist Tested




  • Bamboo Water: Has antioxidant properties. Provides calming action. Has excellent moisturizing properties. Reduces melanin production, helping dark spots fade away. Boosts natural collagen production. Helps to inhibit the ageing process.


  • Lemon Extract: Reverses the damage and prevents clogging of hair follicles (acne). Promotes healthy, glowing skin. Slows microbial growth. Has antioxidant and antiaging properties. Removes dead skin cells. Helps in bleaching and clarifying the skin. Helps in removing blackheads.


  • Orange Extract: Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and lines expression. Prevents sun-related damage. Has a smooth astringent property. Reduces itching and irritation. Has sebo-regulatory properties. Works as a detoxifier. Rich in antioxidants, provides radiant and healthy skin.


  • Aloe Vera Extract: Helps slow down or inhibit inflammation. Contains many vitamins including A, C, E and B. Helps the detoxification of the skin. Has a calming and regenerative effect. Helps to combat free-radicals.


  • Maple Extract: Works as a natural alpha hydroxy acid. Minimizes and repairs cell damage caused by free radicals. Removes dead skin cells to improve skin’s appearance

TOSKANI Bamboo Hydratonic - 200ml


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