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Multifunction face serum concentrate with a peeling effect. It combines the intense smoothing action of alpha hydroxy acids with the gradual release of poly-hydroxy acids. Ideal for thick, marked and impure skin. It smoothes the skin and minimizes the visibility of wrinkles, expression lines and imperfections.Suitable for all skin types.


Key Ingredients:Alpha- Hydroxy Acids- Gently exfoliate the skin, encouraging cell turnover & improving elasticity & firmnessPoly- Hydroxy Acids -delivers a slower release, more intense exfoliation. Antioxidants will hydrate the skinSweet Almond Oil & Shea Butter- Nourishes and replenishes lipidsPHA-AHA

Soothing Agent


Vegan Friendly | Cruelty- Free 

Primaluce Renovating Booster Serum 20% 30ml

  • Apply to skin previously cleansed with Primaluce cleansing gel and lotion before the other home care products.

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