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This LIFT Firming Serum is packed full of phytoestrogen to increase collagen production. It helps improve skin tone, suppleness, and elasticity. Specifically formulated to fight the signs of aging: wrinkles, radiance, complexion, cellular renewal, and moisturizing.


With Active Ingredients:

  • Everlasting Flower water - Helichrysum - retains moisture, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, disperse free radicals, delays cellular aging, promotes the production of collagen, protein ensures elasticity and flexibility of the tissue, densifies the dermis, phytosterols - new collagen stimulation.


  • Aloe Vera Juice - Powerful moisturizer, improves cellular cohesion of the skin barrier, protects the skin's transepidermal water loss.


  • Centella Asiatica extract - Phytochemical improves elasticity, boosts antioxidant activity, strengthens skin, rich in amino acid, beta carotene, fatty acids.


  • Fenugreek Extract -  Omega 6+9, Vitamins E+K. Helps tissues regain firmness, elasticity, and softness preventing skin aging.


  • Hops Extract - Phytoestrogen - as it declines the phytoestrogens mimic the properties of estrogen, therefore helps stimulate new collagen.


  • Duo of Hyaluronic Acids - Combination of 2 Hyaluronic Acids - long chain/tensor effect plus long-lasting hydration. short-chain / deeply moisturizing


  • Lemon Essential Oil - Vitamin C.


  • Palmarosa Essential oil - Boosts cellular renewal.


Centella - Lift Firming Serum - 40ml

SKU: 0155
  • Apply 1 – 2 pumps after your Hungary Royal water, morning and night.

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