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Hydraflore's Gentle Cleansing Milk is a mild yet effective cleanser, formulated to deeply penetrate debris and bueild up on the upper dermal layers, without stripping important nutritive components of the skin. Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.



Active Ingredients:


  • Sacred Lotus Extract - Rich in Vitamin C, protein and linolen acid to fight inflammation, regulate moisture, antioxidants to fight fre radicals damage, restore balance to the skin.


  • Hazel Virgin Oil - Locks in moisture, natural astringent properties, rebalance oil glands, rich in tannins which helps to repair broken skin, reduce swelling and fight bacteria.


  • Sunflower Oil - Rich in Vitamin E + K and antioxidants, effective for inflammation, redness, natural emollient to retain skin moisture.


  • Sugar Polymer - Derived from sugar, a natural, gentle cleaning agent.


  • Lemon Extract - Purifying, toning, rich in Vitamin C, improves lymph drainage, purifying.


  • Vegetal Glycerin - Soothing, protects your skin from dehydration, stimulates cells to mature properly.


  • Aloe Vera - As a powerfull moisturising ingredient, aloe vera improves the skin's cell aswell.


  • Hyaluronic Acid - Powerful moisturiser, hydrating, plumps and firms.

Hydraflora - Gentle Cleansing Milk - 200ml

SKU: H0012
  • To be used each morning and evening. Apply to face and neck, wipe off with cotton pads or damp sponge.

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