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Centella Camphor Synergy helps to restore the skin’s vitality by aiding in detoxification, re-balancing oil flow, preventing acne, and reducing the appearance of open pores. Camphor Synergy has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing benefits.


Active Ingredients:

  • Sweet Almond Oil -  Omega 3 + 9, locks in moisture, Vitamin E + B for repair and skin conditions.


  • Hazelnut Oil - B1, B6 + B9. Vitamin E,K + P, vein tonic, vaso-constrictor. 


  • Ess. Oils of Thyme - Antiseptic, healing. Thyme oil has a bigger antibacterial effect than benzoyl peroxide.


  • Ess. Oils of Cinnamon - Stimulating, antiseptic, toning action.


  • Ess. Oils of Cypress  - Vaso-constrictor, antiseptic. Diuretic. Stimulates circulation by increasing blood flow. Detoxifies.


  • Ess. Oils of Lavender - Antiseptic to kill and prevent bacteria. Healing, de-congest pores and reduces inflammation


  • Ess. Oils of Rosemary Ess. - Improves circulation, antibacterial.


  • Oils of Oregano Ess. - Stimulating, powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal.


  • Oils of Sage - Tonic, healing, anti-fungal, antiseptic. Antioxidants to fight free radical damage. Helps balance oil production.


  • Natural Camphor - Powerful vaso-dilator. Soothes skin and reduces redness.

Centella - Camphor Synergy - 15ml

SKU: 0106
  • Apply 3 drops gently to the face and neck in circular movements.

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