BIOPTIC - Micro-Collagen Lifting For Eye Zone - 20ml

BIOPTIC - Micro-Collagen Lifting For Eye Zone - 20ml

SKU: E229

For an immediate spectacular eye contour beauty treatment, an essential Lifting Gel in your makeup kit. “Micro- Collagen” is a nourishing active ingredient that smoothes wrinkles and fine lines very rapidly, smoothing out the skin almost instantaneously. It does away with all signs of tiredness and restores the radiance and freshness of the eyes. Perfect makeup base.


Apply in the morning as a makeup base for the eye contour.





  • VEGESERYL: Rich in amino acids. Excellent tightening, firming, anti-wrinkle action.


  • MICRO-COLLAGEN: Micro-fragment of collagen produced by bio-synthesis. Excellent penetration, stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, favours smoothing of wrinkles.


  • GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT: Increases tissue irrigation. 


  • ELASTIN: Restores tissue elasticity and stimulate fibroblasts.


  • NEROLI DISTILLATE: Regenerating. Toning.