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A very fresh gel mask to be used as soon as bags appear on the eye contour. The anti-water draining action provided by "Redulite" is felt quickly. Since microcirculation is favoured, swelling is absorbed and the skin is decongested. This mask should be used every day to obtain satisfactory results.


Apply in a thin layer during the day or in a thick layer in the evening when resting. Complete by pressing with your fingertips for 5 minutes to favour penetration and drainage.






  • REDULITE: Favours interstitial water elimination, helps reduce water bags.


  • LITCHI EXTRACT: Antioxidant. Rich in vitamin C. Moisturizing. Soothing.


  • FUCOGEL: Super moisturizing molecule. 


  • IVY EXTRACT: Congestion-relieving effect. 


  • ROSE WATER: Soothing. Calming.


  • ALLANTION: Soothing. Healing.

BIOPTIC - Bags Reducer Mask For Eye Zone - 20ml

SKU: E231

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