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Skin Ecology Ultra Nutritive Night Cream


Very rich, it intensely nourishes a very dry skin but also soothes a sensitive skin. Ideal in night repair cream. Do not hesitate to massage it for a long time. Night after night, rebalanced, better protected and better nourished, the skin shines of well-being.




● RELIPIDIUM: restores the skin microbiota, rebalances the ecosystem of the skin, stimulates the cutaneous immune defence system and the synthesis of epidermal lipids, restores and strengthens the skin barrier.


● ACTIBIOME: supplies minerals for nutrition, polysaccharides for protection, carbon for energy, nitrogen for growth, prevents dysbiosis of the microbiota, and contributes to skin health.


● LIPOBELLE SOYAGLYCONE: liposomal preparation of genistein, biologically active form of the isoflavones. “Hormone-like” action inside the cells. Increases the potential for skin self-defence, reactivates the stimulation of collagen fibroblasts and hyaluronic acid concentration in the tissues.


● AÇAI BERRY OIL EXTRACT: rich in antioxidants, ideal for combating cell oxidation and tissue damage.


● BORAGE OIL: recognised for its revitalising and protective properties, through its richness in vitamin F. Contributes to the reconstitution of epidermal lipids and membrane reconstruction.


● EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: restructuring and anti-ageing ingredient, softening and revitalising.


● SHEA BUTTER: rich in vitamins A, D, E and F. Nourishing, restorative, and softening properties.

BIOLOGIC DEFENSE Nutribacilia Night Cream - 50ml

SKU: E1916

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