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Allows better cleansing while preserving the protective film on the skin.


Soak a cotton with BIO-RESPECT CLEANSING LOTION and use over the whole of the face and neck.





● RELIPIDIUM: restores the skin microbiota, rebalances the ecosystem of the skin, stimulates the cutaneous immune defence system and the synthesis of epidermal lipids, restores and strengthens the skin barrier.


● ACTIBIOME: supplies minerals for nutrition, polysaccharides for protection, carbon for energy, nitrogen for growth, prevents dysbiosis of the microbiota, and contributes to skin health.


● CACTUS PEAR EXTRACT: rich in vitamin E, Omega-6, fights against the alteration of tissues.


● WATERLILY EXTRACT: rich in vitamin C, minerals and flavonoids, prevents the degradation of elastin and hyaluronic acid. Moisturising action.

BIOLOGIC DEFENSE Cleansing Lotion - 250ml

SKU: E1909

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