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Light and fresh, it immediately hydrates the skin. Thanks to its fast penetration, it leaves a very soft and non-greasy feel. Day after day, rebalanced

and better protected, the skin shines of well-being.





● RELIPIDIUM: restores the skin microbiota, rebalances the ecosystem of the skin, stimulates the cutaneous immune defence system and the synthesis of epidermal lipids, restores and strengthens the skin barrier.


● ACTIBIOME: supplies minerals for nutrition, polysaccharides for protection, carbon for energy, nitrogen for growth, prevents dysbiosis of the microbiota, and contributes to skin health.


● LIPOBELLE SOYAGLYCONE: liposomal preparation of genistein, biologically active form of the isoflavones. “Hormone-like” action inside the cells. Increases the potential for skin self-defence, reactivates the stimulation of collagen fibroblasts and hyaluronic acid concentration in the tissues.


● AQUAXYL: promotes water circulation. “Anti-dehydration shield” action. 


● SODIUM HYALURONATE: essential ingredient for its role both as a

moisturiser and replumper.


● VITAMIN E: antioxidant and anti-ageing. Reduces all types of cell damage. Anti-inflammatory action. Improves skin microcirculation.

BIOLOGIC DEFENSE Aquabacilia Hydrating Cream - 50ml

SKU: E1913

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