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A real high-tech wonder with an ultra-nutrient texture. It awakens the vital code of the skin and reduces the appearance of signs of aging, leaving the facial skin smooth and velvety for timeless beauty.


Richer nourishing texture, Winter, night

Skin feels smooth, revitalised, brighter with a more refined complexion



Active Ingredients: 

  • Undaria seaweed: Decreases the forehead wrinkles, nasal furrows & lines around the lips


  • Bioactive peptides: slows down visible signs of ageing (by repairing & strengthening DNA pathways; rejuvenating skin cells & their function)


  • Stem cell extract of tomato: Protects collagen; increases cell vitality & aids in chelating heavy metals


  • Sea Grape Extract: strengthens epidermal/dermal connection with a reinforcing action




Vegan Friendly | Cruelty-Free

AG3 Beauty Secret / The Cream - 50ml

  • Apply in the morning and in the evening onto a perfectly clean face and neck. Massage until completely absorbed.

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