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Enriched in salicylic acid, SEBO-PEELING removes dead cells that have accumulated and cleanses black- heads in-depth. Thus purified, the skin is ready to receive skin care treatments.


Apply to a wet face. Scrub using little circular movements and rinse with warm water.






  • DERMAPUR: Stimulates the synthesis of the skin’s natural antibiotics and inhibits bacterial prolifera- tion


  • EVERMAT: Regulator of seborrhea by quantitative reduction in the sebocytes.


  • SALICYLIC ACID: Keratolytic action which enables reducing the thickness of the epidermis.


  • GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID: Anti-inflammatory. 


  • PANTHENOL: Moisturizing. Softening. Calming.


  • RED ALGAE MINERAL EXTRACT: Mineral replenishing and moisturizing.


  • MARINE AHA: Favours dead cell removal by decreasing skin pH.


  • POLYETHYLENE MICRO BEADS: Gentle and even exfoliating particles.


  • MICRO PEARLS OF JOJOBA WAX: Skin scrub, both moisturizing and nourishing.


  • MARINE KERATOSULPHATE: Moisturizing agent. 


  • MARINE MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES: Moisturizing agents.

ACTIBIOTIC Sebo Peeling Salicylic Scrub - 50ml

SKU: E528

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