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A rescue intervention with SEBO-SERUM, an ideal concentrate of active ingredients for treating localized skin imperfections: white pimples, blackheads and areas prone to oiliness.


Apply locally to imperfections every evening for one month.






  • DERMAPUR: Stimulates the synthesis of the skin’s natural antibiotics and inhibits bacterial proliferation.


  • ACNET: Powerful and multifunctional active ingredient. Anti-seborrhea. Anti-hyperkeratosis. Anti- inflammatory. Anti-bacterial.


  • PANTHENOL: Moisturizing. Softening and calming.


  • VITAMIN A: Favours the synthesis of DNA and RNA and healing.


  • CALENDULA EXTRACT: Calming. Veino-protective. Healing. Relieving congestion.

ACTIBIOTIC Sebo Emergency Serum - 15ml

SKU: E529

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